Another snowy walk

Today I walked through the country park from Fairlight to Hastings, still lots of snow about but thawing rapidly and positively hot when walking in the sunshine.

I saw no repeat of yesterdays bizarre spume clumps [Am assuming some strange temperature effect caused these to rise up to cliff height as there was no onshore wind], but spent some time examining footprints in the snow.

Yesterday the snow along the edge of Firehills was almost pristine at about 0900, with just a few Fox prints and the odd rabbit trail. Today a different story, lots of human and dog prints of course, but along Firehills a good set of Badger prints [though softening with the thaw] , very different to dog or fox and with impressive , long way forward claw marks.

Birdwise, also very different to yesterday, with no movement westerly to escape the snow, just a couple of Redwings in Fairlight, 2 Skylarks in off the sea and 5 Meadow Pipits east. However a Snipe near Barn Pond, and 2 Stonechats near Ecclesbourne meadow were of some note. [in fact this seems to be my first winter sighting of Stonechat  in the  Country Park, though I’m not there that often in winter].

Returning home [buses running today], a Nuthatch was actively feeding all over our garden, visiting the hanging feeder and a seed tray on the ground. In the picture it has selected a black sunflower seed


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