Winter sightings

Sunday 5th February
Notes taken by:- AG, MG

Noted total of 115 Skylarks west. f12 Athya ducks s. Small number of redwings. A few Meadow pipits and unidentified finches. 1 Snipe at Filsham. 20 Common gulls feeding in the surf – is the spume related to the cold conditions – it was a SSE wind last night and a brisk sea but I dont often see that here – there was a brownish colouration to the foam.

West Hill
Redwing 24w, 1 over, 1 in from w, Skylark 2w


One response to “Winter sightings

  1. Sea foam or spume is created by the action of wave turbulence in the surf zone acting upon organic material containing proteins or fats.
    As the material is broken down by wave action it acts as a surfactant, expanding to entrap bubbles of air. The question is, following the calmer period before last night’s wind, did cold air kill off algae in the Channel, or was the organic source for the spume present in the forward beach area in the form of decayed seaweed, animals or otherwise organic pollution in the sea prior to the wave action?

    The spume can be very light and if it coagulates then it can be blown in by a strong onshore breeze.
    (Adapted from wiki)…

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