Hastings Biodiversity Quest (78)

Managed to add 36 species to the list today from a small number of urban sites around West St Leonards. Most interesting was rough clover at the old bathing pool site, a queen Bombus jonellus nectaring at Hebe in West Marina Gardens and an angle shades caterpillar on tree-mallow along Caves Road.

Angle Shades - West St Leonards
Angle shades caterpillar.

The bank behind St Leonards Parish Church is as always this time of year carpeted in Petasites fragrans many in flower bringing some colour and the pungent aroma of boiled sweets to this small sycamore wooded bank. Interestingly a small area of habitat almost entirely dominated by naturalised species.

Petasites fragrans - West St Leonards

Offshore there was some seabird activity with small numbers of great crested grebe, red-throated diver, guillemots and razorbills. Also a curlew flew west.


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