Hastings Biodiversity Quest

Something I’ve been planning to do ever since we set-up wildhastings, nearly ten years ago, is to see how many species I can record and photograph in a year.

I’m not really into making lists but I thought this quest would be an incentive to re-visit locations and species that I haven’t recorded for many years. Such as walls and buildings that harbour rare ferns and roadside verges and derelict sites where scarce insects and orchids can be found. It will be interesting to see what has disappeared and what has colonised Hastings in the last ten years.

All native and naturalised species found within the boundary of Hastings & St Leonards will be eligible for this quest and species seen flying over and past Hastings are included. If anyone knows of a location for a rare species, or would like me to search out a particularly hard to find species in Hastings please post a comment with details.

So what have I recorded so far, well not much yet as I’ve been ill recently, so mostly from my flat and roof terrace. Species will be marked with a * if seen from my roof terrace mini ‘observatory’. See list below:

Steatoda grossa - Roof Balcony - 03
Steatoda grossa. A species that was difficult to find in Hastings ten years ago, it is now very common and probably occurs in abundance throughout Hastings now.

1. Red-throated Diver*
2. Fulmar*
3. Gannet*
4. Cormorant*
5. Eider*
6. Sparrowhawk*
7. Turnstone*
8. Black-headed Gull*
9. Herring Gull*
10. Great Black-backed Gull*
11. Razorbill*
12. Wood Pigeon*
13. Pied Wagtail*
14. Wren*
15. Dunnock*
16. Robin*
17. Blackbird*
18. Great Tit*
19. Blue Tit*
20. Long-tailed Tit*
21. Magpie*
22. Carrion Crow*
23. Starling*
24. House Sparrow*

25. Pedunculate Oak*
26. Hairy Bitter-cress*
27. Bramble*
28. Sycamore*
29. Traveller’s-joy*

30. Segestria senoculata*
31. Pholcus phalangioides*
32. Clubiona corticalis*
33. Pseudeuophrys lanigera*
34. Tegenaria duellica*
35. Steatoda grossa*
36. Steatoda nobilis*
37. Zygiella x-notata*

38. Winter Moth*


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