Seabirds and Seaweed

Early morning watching from Rock-a-Nore this week has revealed fairly modest numbers of the usual seabirds- Red Throated Divers, auks, Kittiwakes, Gannets; far fewer than the impressive numbers this time last year.

A gloomy dawn visit to Cliff End today was a bit more promising, with 25 Red Throated Divers getting up off the sea and heading west below the Country Park, and flock of 43 Great Crested Grebes drifting the same way.

Being confined to the eastern end of the cliffs by high tide, I had a look at the seaweeds, which I am trying to learn. As well as quite a bit of Serrated Wrack, which has teeth on the margins of the fronds,  there were a number of bits of a more delicate species which I could not find in my books: as the picture shows it has untoothed margins, slightly swollen tips to the fronds and occasional bladders. I expect it’s something common !

Unidentified seaweed Cliff End


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