The Community Care in Croft Road

This weekend, local residents from the Croft Road area of the Old town helped spruce up the roadside area at the top of Croft Roadand planted a hedge. 11 people from the local community combined with the Rangers, Police and other council employees made short work of the planting.

Over 130 metres of hedge was planted and 10 large bags of rubbish were collected. Common native species of Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Holly and Guelder Rose were planted. Once established the hedge will form a natural barrier and also greatly benefit wildlife. All the trees and shrubs that were planted will provide shelter, nectar and berries as a food source throughout the year. Another benefit for the locals is that the Blackthorn berries (sloes) will provide the essential ingredient for the old Christmas favourite Sloe Gin (but they’ll have to wait a few years yet).

“Well done and thank you to all those who were involved both on the day and the Rangers and Community Officers who helped make this happen.”


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