Fly Agarics

Fly Agarics in Stonelink Wood

The highlight of an early walk starting at Stonelink wood Fairlight was a fine crop of Fly Agarics, this is an excellent site for these Fairytale Fungi and they can be seen beside the public footpath.
To quote Roger Phillips: “It is a strong hallucinogen and intoxicant and is used as such by the Lapps… The cap is dried and swallowed without chewing. The symptoms begin twenty minutes to 2 hours after ingestion. The central nervous system is affected and the muscles…start to pull and twitch convulsively, followed by dizziness and a death like sleep. … the mushrooms are often vomited but the drunkenness and stupor continue. While in this state.. the person experiences vivid visions and on waking is filled with elation and is physically very active… eg. the intoxicated person will make a gigantic leap to clear the smallest obstacle ”
Don’t try this at home…


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