Hastings autumn bird migration 2011

Sunday 23rd October
S or SSE f4 to 5 occasionally 6, variable cloud.
Recording by: AP, SB, AG, MG

Rock-a-Nore 0715-0830:
Gannet 48, Kittiwake 51, Great Crested Grebe 8, auk sp.1, Red Throated Diver 2 and Manx Shearwater 1, all W. [AP: the Manx was quite close in and something of a surprise as I’ve only seen 2 off here before].

West Hill 07.45 – 09.35
Cormorant 8w (high over land), Goldfinch 1640 E, 80 W, Siskin 189 E, Reed Bunting 2 E, Redpoll 2 E, Skylark 1 in, Chaffinch 4 E, 3 W, House Martin 1 E, Starling 2E, Swallow 3E, Linnet 15E, Song Thrush 1 in & W, Gannet 1 (feeding)
Also of note: 1 Peregrine (attempting to grab passing goldfinches) and 1 Raven. No grounded migrants noted in cover.

occasional notes Quarry Hill 8.30-9.15
Goldfinch 150, Siskin 80, Redpoll 30 and Jackdaw 9 overhead.

West Hill 10-10.25
Skylark 1 in, Goldfinch 8 E, Siskin 10 E, finch sp. 20 E.
1 Great spotted woodpecker.

West Hill 14.00
Swallow 4W

Fairlight – coastguards 16.00
70 Linnet, 8 Chaffinch


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