The Golden Great Nut Hunt

Another happy day spent foraging but with a bit of a twist! Having registered to take part in the Golden Great Nut Hunt organised by PTES (People’s Trust for Endangered Species) Alan and I set off on a search for nibbled hazel nuts, favourite food of dormice. The method is to find an area with lots of hazel trees, in a wood or hedgerow, and look for gnawed hazel nuts on the ground beneath, attempt to identify the species which might have gnawed them and fill in a survey form. We managed to survey three of our local woods – Stonelink, Fairlight and Guestling – but found identification of nibblers far from easy so will be sending off a selection of nuts to the “Chief Nutter” for formal identification!
And the Golden Nut? As this year is the 21st anniversary of the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme, 20 silver nuts and one golden nut will be given away to those nutters lucky enough to find a special hidden flag in woodland somewhere in England and Wales.
For more information check out: Good hunting!


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