Western Conifer Seed Bug

With this warm weather there has been an increase in the number of moths coming to the roof terrace trap, although still not as many as would be expected during warm weather in autumn. The highlight last night though was not a moth but a squash bug, the western conifer seed bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis). This is an immigrant from the continent, although there have been breeding records in Britain. It was imported from North America into Italy in timber and has spread throughout mainland Europe. The second record for Britain came from my roof terrace a few years ago, so it’s nice to see another come to the same trap.

Western Conifer Seed Bug, Roof Terrace
Western Conifer Seed Bug

Moth species recorded were light emerald, shuttle-shaped dart, large yellow underwing, lesser yellow underwing, square-spot rustic, l-album wainscot, lunar underwing, feathered ranunculus, brindled green, and angle shades. The only migrant was a silver y.

Silver Y, Roof Terrace
Silver Y

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