Fairlight Moths

Small Blood Vein

Quite a few moths in our garden trap today, including 9 Large Yellow Underwings-it seems I may have been pessimistic about their status! . Otherwise the best moth was this nicely marked Small Blood Vein, a species I’ve caught just a few times before.

3 responses to “Fairlight Moths

  1. Interesting news Alan,

    I know very little about moths and their migrations but is it possible that the Large Yellow Underwings you recorded were migrants from some way south? The weather is very warm and humid from the south and I did a google search. The ‘Dorset moths’ website have a link on today to the University of Athens weather monitoring site which predicts the spread of Saharan sand particles in the atmosphere and this is indicating a strong influence at the moment over southern Europe.

    • Interestingly Graham Barker also reports an upturn in LYU numbers recently, so I think you could well be right Andrew-numbers in southern england are described as being increased by immigrants. best wishes Alan

  2. hello alan
    i did look up my yellow underwing records and was sharing your pessimism….until, like you, the last few times i put my trap out i have recorded good numbers of large and other yellow underwings, so from my intial thought of being 50% down for the year it looks quite good…now…if only the weather would brighten up a bit i could get the trap out again….
    on another note i have attained permission from andy to do some mothing in the park, so if you would be interested let me know, we are hoping to have a go next weekend…

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