First up is a fantastically coloured Straw Underwing, trapped in the garden this week. Alas, a Copper Underwing was found dead in the trap, it was a rather worn specimen so perhaps not a surprise that it was deceased. Anyway, it did provide an opportunity to take a good library picture of its underwing to deremine wether it is a ‘common’ or Svensson’s Copper Underwing.
On many of the ‘Underwing’ species, and indeed many other species, it is the ‘top’ of the hindwing that needs to be viewed to determine which moth it is. This can be very difficult on live specimens. However, in Copper Underwings it is the underneath of the hindwing that needs to be viewed, making it much easier to determine. ‘Svensson’s’ Copper Underwing has the copper colour extending as far as the ‘armpit’ on the inner part of the wing, and as can be seen from the picture it does not, so this specimen is a ‘common’.

Straw Underwing
Straw Underwing

Copper Underwing
Copper Underwing – underwing


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