Filsham Reedbed

As promised I am giving an update on the volunteer task that happened the weekend just gone.
There has recently been some dyke clearing using a large machine that had dumped the waste on to the footpath, making it difficult to enter the reedbed via the Reedswood Road entrance. This has mostly dried so access is now possible that way with care. Several of the dykes are now clear, so hopefully there will be some over wintering Kingfishers later in the year.
This month we have been working in the Sniggles Fen area, trimming some reeds and starting to cut down the Willow that has invaded. This area will probably take us most of the Winter schedule of work for the volunteers.
The Willow has invaded quite heavily in places around the reedbed and it will take quite some time to return it to its former glory, though as Filsham is a ‘damp’ reedbed invasion is a continual issue.
wood or reedbed
wood or reedbed?



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