More from the garden…

Since my return from France (and yes, I took my moth trap – pictures on my Flickr page soon) I havent had much chance to put the moth trap in the garden as I have been out doing some Autumn migration ringing….but at last I have had the trap out for a few nights.
A new moth for my garden, Copper Underwing, appeared on the morning of the 16th, in fact, 3 of them. I checked in the hope of one of them being a Svenssons but this was not to be.
I cant remember if the Antler Moth is a new species so will have to check my records at some point, but this was in the trap on the morning of the 17th August along with another Copper Underwing.
Graham Barker

Copper Underwing Amphipyra pyramidea
Copper Underwing Amphipyra pyramidea

Antler Moth
Antler Moth


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