Myathropa florea

After a very uneventful seawatch at Rock-a-Nore yesterday I spent some time working through recent insect photographs, attempting to identify them. Amongst these were some pictures of a large hoverfly which was on hogweed at Ecclesbourne Meadow on July 29. This was very active but I managed to get some close up pictures. Initially I thought this was the scarce species Megasyrphus annulipes, which has the black stripe down the centre of the face shown in the picture, thanks to Andy Phillips for pointing me towards the much commoner Myathropa florea which also has the stripe, the illustration of this species in Stubbs and Falk doesn’t obviously resemble my photos, but other images on the internet do.


2 responses to “Myathropa florea

    • Having looked on the internet I think you are right Andy and this is the common species you name- the illustration in Stubbs and Falk is nothing like it unfortunately ! thanks Alan

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