Rooftop Moths

Moth trapping from my rooftop terrace has been on hiatus for a couple of months due to smashed bulbs, melted electrics and the constant wind that kept blowing over the moth trap despite being weighted down with stones and wires. But at last we have some warm calm weather (and new electrics for the trap) so mothing has resumed. The most interesting records over the last few days have been migrants with a few silver y, dark sword grass and a small mottled willow.

Small Mottled Willow Spodoptera exigua, Roof Terrace, 20060806
Small Mottled Willow (this photo was taken in 2006, during the great migrant moth summer).

Rosebay willowherb and wild clematis feeding species have been much in evidence with a number of elephant hawkmoths and small phoenix, which feed on rosebay willowherb, as well as a few Haworth’s pug and pretty chalk carpet, which feed on Clematis vitalba.

Elephant Hawkmoth - West St Leonards
Elephant Hawkmoth


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