New Moth For Us

Saturday nights weather allowed us to run the moth trap on the patio for the first time in days. I didn’t expect too many moths and I was right about that, but we got a fantastic surprise in this beautiful new species for us.

Garden Tiger
The Garden Tiger

Not an uncommon moth but numbers have been declining so it was nice to see him pay us a visit.

We decided today would be a good day for going out to Pebsham Countryside park area to do our butterfly counting duty, but unfortunately had to leave due to unruly motorcyclist (another story), we decided to pop over to the urban wilderness just in front of Fernside Tesco off Fernside Ave. It’s usually full of interesting species, including a healthy colony of Purple Hairstreak.

We got lucky to see several Dragonflies, including some hawkers of sorts I’ve yet to positively ID, but I was surprised to find this little female Common Darter at least a month earlier than last years first sighting for us.

Common Darter Female
Common Darter Female

Huge thanks to Andy for catching me up on here too!!


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