The Big Butterfly Count

Speckled Wood HCPNR

Butterfly Conservation are running the “Big Butterfly Count” again this year-see their website. The counts run till July 31 and are easy to do, requiring 15 minutes of observation in one place , then on-line data entry. You can view all the results for any area on a map on-line.
On doing this yesterday, we noticed there were no entries for Hastings Country Park, just some for Fairlight, Torfield and Hastings. It being quite a nice day, we decided to do a series of these 15 minute counts between the Visitor Centre and Ecclesbourne Meadow; 5 in all.
You can see the results on-line by clicking on the butterfly symbols, but we recorded 10 species, of which the commonest was Gatekeeper, with 43 counted, 30 of these at one site by Ecclesbourne Meadow. This sampling method recorded all of the butterfly species that we saw on our walk.
Why not have a go and put more symbols on the map from our area- as I write this 8178 counts have been submitted


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