Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve Bumblebees

Bumblebee monitoring is being carried out within Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve this year by Brian Banks. He has posted an article on RXwildlife about the bumblebees of the nature reserve. Click the link to read the full post.

I have been recording numbers of bumblebees on timed walks at Hastings Country Park this summer, comparing numbers to Dungeness.  Not surprisingly, given the different habitat, the responses of bumblebees to the spring drought have been totally different.  For instance whilst at Dungeness the red tailed bumblebee Bombus lapidarius has been unusually scarce this summer at Hastings it has been abundant.  Back in May both species were equally common on timed walks in pasture managed for bumblebees, however by this month there were three times as many females of this species at Hastings.

Read the full article on RXwildlife.


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