Use of the shrimp net below the Petrified Forest at Cliff End yesterday morning was unproductive, just 2 small shrimps and a couple of tiny Plaice, perhaps the substrate was too hard there. But there were 3 Little Egrets in the “rockpools”, and I was able to find a complete American Piddock shell-see my last post-in order to photograph the rasping ridges which it uses to bore holes in hard muds by rotating-a small Wonder of the natural world.
Later at the Stade, amongst all the chaotic fishing stuff, I took some pictures of the Sticky Groundsel which grows profusely there. This relative of the smaller garden “weed”, Groundsel, is found throughout much of Britain , it is sticky to the touch and the flowers should have 13 ray florets, as those pictured do. For some reason I find it strange that nature has selected a double digit prime number.
Finally, as we looked out over our small back garden from upstairs another natural wonder appeared, a small bat zooming about below window level. Presumably a Pipistrelle Sp, a garden first which we like to think was attracted by the profusion of insects living in our wildlife garden..


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