Some Recent Records

Here are some superb photos from C.Rayz flickr stream. Crystal does so much natural history she has very little time to post on wildhastings so I thought I would catch you all up with some of the wildlife she has recorded recently.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly @ Pebsham
Golden-ringed dragonfly is very rarely recorded in Hastings. An excellent find.

Purple Hairstreak
Purple hairstreaks are probably widespread and common throughout Hastings but are hard to track down. Seems to be a good year for them with other records coming from Summerfields Wood Nature Reserve.

Scarlet Tiger Moth
Scarlet tiger a new species for Hastings.

Patio Life: Jumping Spider
Sitticus pubescens (8-spot Jumping Spider). A jumping spider found in similar habitat to the more familiar zebra jumping Spider Salticus scenicus, but a lot more scarce.

To see more of Crystals photos go to C.Rayz flickr stream.


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