Fairlight Cove

After a few days of pretty awful weather, it was nice to get out on the beach this morning. I walked to the western end of Fairlight Cove, to the end of the sand exposed at low tide.

From here I could see a lot of Cormorants standing on the mussel covered rocks further west; 38, a record count for me. In this corner of the cove, almost at the water’s edge, is an interesting area of rock-like clay extensively bored by American Piddocks.

These bivalves bore into the clay by rotating their rasping shells and remain fixed there, filtering food from seawater through their syphons. As the name suggests, these are not native, but are believed to have been accidentally introduced with a consignment of American Oysters in the late 19th century, spreading rapidly round British coasts.

On my return home, I photographed the abandoned lawnmower mentioned at the end of my last post, as requested !


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