Butterflies at Torfield

White Letter Hairstreak Torfield

Following Sharon’s recent sighting of White Letter Hairstreaks, I paid another visit to Torfield yesterday morning. It was a calm and sunny morning, I arrived at 9.30 and after about 30 minutes searching the brambles, found one Hairstreak. This was feeding on bramble flowers, and I was pleased to find 2 more, 1 on bramble and 1 on ragwort.
This was of special significance to me as in a previous life I managed the RSPB reserve at Northward Hill, where there was a large colony of these butterflies-I saw up to 300 a day at their peak in the 1980’s. Remarkably, Torfield becomes only the second place on the planet I have seen this species !
Also present were a few Holly Blues, Speckled Woods, Red Admirals and Meadow Browns, a Gatekeeper and a Tree Bumblebee.
I also checked the area of elm/bramble behind All Saints church, no Hairstreaks but a similar range of species, plus a Comma.


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