Weever Fish

More from my recent shrimping experience at Pett Levels with Cliff and Basil Dean:
The first inspection of the net revealed a rich harvest of sea creatures, including a few Weever Fish. These are the ones that lie buried in the sand except for the top of the head and back, and can be trodden on by paddlers. The picture shows the black spiny dorsal fin which if trodden on can release an extremely painful poison, as can the spine on the gill covers, also visible. As well as paddlers, shrimpers can be stung while sorting through the catch, hence the tongs which Cliff is using [and the shoes we all wore !]
There are 2 species of Weever Fish, Lesser as here, and Greater which is found in deeper waters, this is edible [I expect the small one is too] , and is given in a recipe for bouillabaise by Rick Stein, Jane Grigson writes: “If you come across them at the fishmonger’s do not spurn them, because they have ecellent flavour and firm flesh “. With typical erudition she also reveals that the English and French [vive] names come from an old french word Wivre ,meaning viper.

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