Various Insects

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time in the area of bramble and elms above the allotments at Torfield [Hastings], looking for the White-Letter Hairstreaks which Sharon Bigg has recorded over the last couple of years. No luck, just a few Commas and a Red Admiral, but 1 Tree Bumble Bee.
I then walked through All Saints- more elm and bramble habitat for hairstreaks- up to East Hill and through the Country Park to Fairlight.
Ecclesbourne Meadow is looking good, with a fine display of Meadow Vetchling and the white domed heads of Wild Carrot. These are always good for insects, and I noticed quite a few green Lacewings on these. There are about 14 species of green Lacewings, the commonest being Chrysoperia carnea, the one that hibernates in houses. Identification is based on small features including the vein pattern, I can’t make this out as both wings are overlapping.

Rather easier to identify was a splendid Marbled White butterfly near Barn Pond, a country park first for me. Notable by their absence were the distinctive caterpillars of the Cinnabar Moth, I checked all the Ragwort plants I passed for these, but saw none.


2 responses to “Various Insects

  1. Nice one Alan, Have to tell you how relieved I was to read your post and actually see the photos of the Marbled White. On Monday we decided to do the walk from Fairlight home, and just the Hastings side of Warren Glenn where you can keep doing the glenns or go towards Barley Lane, I caught just a glimpse of something and chased it towards the cliff side, (where we often sit to eat). Having just come from a few days in Sandwich Bay in Kent I had my first experience with Marbled White, and I was absolutely sure thats what I saw. I thought to myself…no one will believe Well thats just me I didn’t know we had them up there 😛

    • Interestingly, and surprisingly, butterfly conservation had no records for Marbled White in Sussex E. of Eastbourne last year, so these are useful records-it will be worth keeping an eye on Ecclesbourne Meadow.

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