Rambling through the park

An early morning walk from Fairlight to Hastings yesterday, primarily in search of birds, turned into a general nature ramble, with a great deal of interest encountered.

Birds were in fact pretty good, with 9 Crossbills dropping into Warren Glen, a close circling Peregrine. a singing male Dartford Warbler accompanied by another bird, looking good for a nesting pair, and again a singing Cettis Warbler in Ecclesbourne Glan, apparently a territorial male.

The early morning sun shines nicely on Brakey Bank [west side of Warren Glen] and I usually linger here, looking for interesting insects. The photos show a selection of these: A “Wood Wasp” which I havent as yet been able to identify [the long prong is an ovipositor used for laying eggs in wood, not a sting !], the common beetle Cantharis fusca which is abundant in the  Country park at present, it is related to the familiar Soldier Beetle; and the very smart bug Miris striatus, which I first encountered near Fairlight a couple of weeks ago. 

Easier to identify were butterflies, a couple of very fresh Red Admirals, a Small Tortoiseshell and a bright Painted Lady.  But the highlight of the walk for me was an Adder sunning itself on the steps in Ecclesbourne Glen. I know these are seen in the Country Park, but this was a first for me, in fact the first I’ve seen anywhere for 5 years.

2 responses to “Rambling through the park

  1. Graham, as these are quite rare breeding birds I don’t want to disclose the locality over the internet.


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