Garden Dragonflies

The relentless sunny weather we are experiencing this spring has made for good dragonfly watching, here are two common species we record annually in our Fairlight garden. The spectacular Broad Bodied Chaser is one of the first colonisers of new ponds, and duly visited our newly created small ponds on April 20 2007 and was regular that year , now we see it occasionally. The large Red Damselfly-the only red one seen in our area- breeds in our tiny ponds and we are able to note its emergence dates with some accuracy. This year this was April 24, the earliest we have recorded, previous dates being : 2007 May 1, from an already established small pond, 2008 May 8, 2009 May 6, 2010 very late May 21 after a period of bad weather.


One response to “Garden Dragonflies

  1. interestingly yesterday {3rd)was the first time we recorded the broad bodied chaser in our garden pond in Westfield.The pond was built just over a year ago,we have also found leeches!

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