Daisies and Orchids

This morning-rather misty-I visited Fairlight Cove in order to photograph some Common Spotted Orchids [Dactylorhiza  fuchsii], noted in bud on a previous visit. These are at the very western end of the raised beach behind the protective bund, at the base of the cliff.  The photo shows the divided lower part of the flower, a feature which helps distinguish this species from the Heath Spotted Orchid [D. maculata] , a plant of heaths and moors..   Common Spotted Orchids are found elsewhere in Fairlight, notably on the impressive wildflower verge beside Waites Lane [compare this with the adjacent mown areas !], and in our un-mown front garden.

On the way I spotted some other pink flowers- actually pinker than this picture shows-, these proved to be a garden escape, Erigeron glaucus  , known as Beach Aster, Seaside Daisy etc-the iconic seaside garden plant which is very common in our area [but surprisingly expensive !]. This is one of a number of garden plants which are becoming naturalised at the base of the cliffs, the process of garden escaping having been accelerated by the gardens literally falling over the cliff…

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