Insects everywhere

During the course of a meandering walk from Fairlight to Winchelsea yesterday I came across a great variety of insects and took nearly 100 photos. Although it was still windy, sunny sheltered spots seemed full of hoverflies, sawflies, bugs and bees. The latter included 2 Tree Bumblebees, one very close to Fairlight village, the first I have seen here.

Also very close to Fairlight were a number of cocoons in spindle trees in a planted hedge, some had large caterpillars and proved to be, as usual, Spindle Ermine moth caterpillars. The moth is small and white with black spots. A little further on, by Stonelink wood, I came across the very smart bug  Miris striatus , a common insect [apparently !] associated with oaks and other deciduous trees. Also here was a quite large and wasp-like sawfly which looks like one of the members of the genus Tenthredo .


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