Unexpected Warblers

A pleasant walk from Fairlight to Hastings through the Country Park NR this morning started well, with a singing Dartford Warbler at Firehills, the first I’ve heard this spring. There was evidently a small passage of Swallows taking place, with a dozen or so coming in off the sea and heading off along the cliffs in both directions.

At Ecclesbourne Meadow I was surprised by a burst of song from a Cettis Warbler, coming from the small hedge at the back. This was a first for the CP for me-I believe there have been a few records- and indeed for my “local patch ” which excludes Pett Levels and the various wetlands W of Hastings. This bird seemed to follow me as I walked along , singing from various points in Ecclesbourne Glen next to the path, remaining just E of East Hill.

On East Hill itself another unexpected song was a Reed Warbler singing from bushes on the edge of the mown area about 200m N of the beacon- no doubt a migrant.

There are a lways plenty of insects to look at and photograph, conspicuous at present are the [harmless] Scorpion Flies, but  I also came across a much smaller insect I have seen a number of times, but cannot name; it is about 1cm long and has a very distinctive head arrangement.

. Can anybody help ?


3 responses to “Unexpected Warblers

    • Thanks Andy, no pictures in any of my books. Still keen to do some trapping up at the farm…. cheers Alan

  1. Very interested to read your report on the Cetti’s warbler Alan. Some years ago in May I heard one singing as I was driving up Harold Road. After parking and walking back I noted the bird was singing from an overgrown ‘vacant plot’by the Bourne stream which is mainly hidden by housing and gardens.

    These records suggest to me that the Cetti’s warbler continues to appear as a migrant in the spring as well as maintaining its’ resident population which has now survived three cold winters in a row here.

    Best wishes

    Andrew Grace

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