Hastings Spring Bird Migration Survey

E or ESE f2-3 6/8ths variable, showers sunny intervals, good

Rock-a-Nore 0630-0800:AP
Sandwich Tern 38, Common Tern 5, Common/Arctic Tern [looked like Arctic but strange light this morning] f17, Black-headed Gull 6, Gannet 2, Shelduck 1, Common Scoter 1, Curlew 4, Whimbrel 1; all E

West Hill 08.15 – 09.00 MG, SB
Common Swift 13, Swallow 7 in, Common Gull 2e.
Also six pairs House Martin in and at nests, Bulverhythe Road area

2 responses to “Hastings Spring Bird Migration Survey

  1. A seawatch from St Leonards (just W of London Road)from 06h00-08h30 on 7 May produced a rather different selection of birds to those reported by AP during a similar time period (note that most activity was prior to 08h00):
    Fulmar 4E 13W
    Gannet 23E 4W
    Shoveler 2E
    Common Scoter 27E
    Oystercatcher 6W
    Bar-tailed Godwit 1E
    Whimbrel 1E
    Pomarine Skua 3E (07h35), 2E (07h50)
    Sandwich Tern 40E 10W
    Common Tern 51E
    Little Tern 2E

    I wonder if the pier and/or harbour arm push some birds further out to sea off Rockanore?

  2. Tim

    I wouldn’t of thought there would be much difference between St Leonards and Rock-a-nore, you would still pick up birds pushed out further by the pier and harbour arm.

    In over 15 years of experience seawatching from Glyne Gap, St Leonards, Hastings Pier, the harbour arm, Rock-a-nore, Seaford and Dungeness I’ve noticed that a lot of birds tend to move in a north-east direction over the channel hit the coast and then follow the coastline. At Rock-a-nore you can sometimes see birds drifting towards the cliffs, which would be missed further west. But birds react differently depending on the weather conditions and visibility so each day is different.

    It’s probably more a case that seawatching is difficult and it’s easy to miss birds. When scanning for distant birds you miss birds going past close and when focussing on a mixed flock of waders going past close trying to identify and count the different species you miss a lot of stuff going past at distance. So it’s very common for two people watching at the same time to have different records.

    If you want to contribute regularly to the blog email me and I can setup a wildhastings account for you.


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