Hastings Spring Bird Migration Survey

ENE f6 4/8ths clearing later, excellent

Rock-a-Nore 0616-0845: AP
Sandwich Tern 29, Common Tern 61, Common/Arctic Tern 91 [apparently quite a few Arctics but its tricky in strong light], Black Tern 2 [a scarce migrant and a first for the area for me], Eider 3, Common Scoter 12, Shelduck 3, Bar-tailed Godwit 110, Whimbrel 11, Common Gull 72-a clear movement of mostly immature birds, Kittiwake 12, Gannet 8, all heading E.
Also a total of 13 Pomarine Skuas in small groups from 0620-0835 at a reasonable distance , but keeping very low over the waves and not easy to pick up – my best day here for this charismatic species.

Marina 08.30 MG
Bar-tailed Godwit 9e, Whimbrel 23e (in mixed flocks)

Hastings Prom 9.05-10.05 AG
Up-Channel migration included;- 14 Common scoters, 130 Bar-tailed godwits, 8 Knots, 3 Grey plovers, 1 Common sandpiper, 42 Common/Arctic terns, 8 Sandwich terns, 2 Common gulls, 1 Mediterranean gull and a Greater black-backed gull.

A surprise was a flock of 8 Common or Arctic terns that flew from inland low over the roof of the White Rock Theatre as I walked past. They passed over the road and dropped down over the sea.

Marina and Bulverhythe 11.50-14.25 AG
101 Bar-tailed godwits, 19 Whimbrels, 2 Knots, 85 Common or Arctic terns, 6 Sandwich terns, 8 Common gulls, 4 Black-headed gulls and three Greater black-backed gulls passed up-Channel.

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