Hastings Spring Bird Migration Survey

Monday 2nd May
ENE f6 gusts to 7 sunny very good

Rock-a-Nore 0600-0815: AP
Sandwich Tern 30, Arctic Tern 16, Common Tern 82, Kittiwake 3, Bar-tailed Godwit 256, Whimbrel 14, Dunlin 3, Knot 23, Grey Plover 1, Common Scoter 2, Gannet 3, all east
Also 1 Red Throated Diver and 1 Little Tern W, 3 Swallows in off the sea and a Mediterranean Gull round a fishing boat. [Omitted yesterday 87 Gannet E.]

Prom 8.05-8.30 AG
Birds identified passing up-Channel were 85 Bar-tailed godwit 8 Knot 2 Grey plover and 3 Shovelers. Also 100 Turnstones came onto the beach in three parties – they were a fabulous sight as most if not all were in breeding plumage and they seemed to have been on passage.

Prom and Marina 8.55-13.15 AG
Birds passing up-Channel included;- 503 Bar-tailed godwits, 22 Knots, 21 Whimbrels, 4 Oystercatchers, 14 Dunlins, 2 Sanderlings, 1 Redshank, 1 Common sandpiper, 13 Grey plovers, 49 Common/Arctic terns, 8 Arctic terns, 24 Sandwich terns, 1 Mediterranean gull, 7 Common gulls, 2 Greater black-backed gulls, 19 Common scoters, 3 Shovelers and a Guillemot.
Only a single Swallow seen coming in and also a crow sp. coming in from far over the sea.

Hastings beach 15.00 AG
2 Whimbrels passed east offshore but feeding back and forth for a time right against the tideline were 5 Arctic and one Little tern.

High Street 20.00 MG
Common Swift 3

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