Scarce Prominent – New to Hastings

April has been a fantastic moth month for us on the Patio. Since we have a couple nights left for putting the box out, I’ll wait to do a monthly report in a few days time.

Since the great night on 19th, we’ve had several new species for us and a few new ones for the year. On the 21st April we had Herald, Dark/Grey Dagger, and Caloptilia syringella a very attractive micro moth, all NFY for us.

Caloptilia syringella

A walk around the area around Filsham Reedbeds (Pebsham Park area) on the 22nd was full of wildlife as well, we saw the first Grizzled Skippers have emerged, the Marsh Frogs are really active, and one of my favorite moths Adela reaumurella are up and swarming small trees and shrubs.

Grizzled Skipper

Moth Fairies
Male Adela reaumurella Swarming

The 22nd was a great moth night on the Patio as well. We had Ruby Tiger, Lobster Moth, Peppered Moth, and Bee Moth again all NFY for us. We had a Seraphim, which Andy helped me to ID, a new species for us along with a Purple Thorn new for us too.

The 23rd proved another great night with NFY including Light Brown Apple, Angle Shades, Waved Umber, and Garden Carpet. NFU (New for us) for the night was the Lesser Wax Moth, Muslin Moth, and Syndemis musculana.

Lesser Wax Moth

The 23rd we got our first Iron Prominent for the year. Unfortunately the numbers began to drop with the cooler temps at this point.

Even so on the 24th we got two great moths, proving quality over quantity is nice too. We had a White-pinion Spotted and the star of the year so far a Scarce Prominent, which has never been recorded in Hastings before.

Scarce Prominent Side

Here’s to hoping for more great weather!

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