Hastings Spring Bird Migration Survey

N f4 decreasing later 1/8ths sunny good

Rock-a-Nore 0650-0855. AP
A lot of Sandwich Tern activity, initially birds flying both ways and fishing , but then a lot apparently coming in from far out to sea, total 284 [but no Common Terns]. Otherwise 7 Common Scoter, 3 Whimbrel , 17 Black-headed Gulls, 11 Gannets and a Swallow , all E. I received a message that 2 Pomarine Skuas had flown past Selsey Bill at 0630 so tried to see these but no luck, they could have been too far out for me to see.

Prom 8.55-9.25 AG
Sandwich tern 13 e 1 w. Black-headed gull 2 e Common gull 1 e Swallow 3 in.

White Rock Midday MG
Swallow 4 in


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