Hastings Spring Bird Migration Survey

Rock-a-Nore 0645-0745 AP CD:
Sandwich Tern 58, Common Scoter 35, Common Gull 7, Med. Gull 2, Common Tern 1, Gannet 19, Shelduck 8, Curlew 1 ; all E. 1 Swallow.
Also a Cuckoo heard calling in Fairlight yesterday – Jill Howell

Marina 8.45-9.15 AG
A small number of birds passing east;- Sandwich tern 7 Whimbrel 1 Goldfinch 2

Bulverhythe beach 11.30-12.30 AG
Sandwich tern 23 e 6 w. Brent goose 1 Black-headed gull 1 and Mediterranean gull 2 (an adult pair) east. In addition a Common sandpiper calling and flying to and fro along the shore.

Marina 13.10-14.00 AG
Sandwich tern 20 e 2 w. Mediterranean gull 8 (including a flock of 6 adults) e and Black-headed gull 2 e.
This watch was concluded in uplifting fashion – just after taking shelter outside a seafront cafe the sudden alarm of the local Herring gulls alerted me to a Lapwing-like shape beating fast and coming straight in over the sea and prom – an Osprey! The bird passed straight over the seafront and flew in above the holiday crowds and traffic of London Road.


2 responses to “Hastings Spring Bird Migration Survey

  1. Thanks Alan,

    I can only recommend either walking to or actually sitting down at a seafront cafe or otherwise leaving the local library after taking the books back…


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