Heat Wave

The recent heat wave we’ve had has really exploded the mothing on our patio. We’ve had a few nights with nearly as high of numbers as we get in the summer months, all be it smaller numbers of species.

On the 6th we saw a large increase in the smaller moths such as Twenty Plume, Brindled Pug, Acleris literana, and our second Oak Nycteoline of the year.

The 7th we had another nice night which brought even more micros out, including Caloptilia semifascia, a very interesting little moth.

On the 8th we had a productive night as well with Nut-tree Tussock, and what I am pretty sure is our first Oak-tree Pug. The latter of which is hard to be 100% sure of without experience or dissection, they gave me ‘Puggy’ fits last season. 😛

The 9th brought us our first Thorn in many moons, and I was quite happy to see the little Early Thorn visit us.

On the 10th we had our first Brimstone Moth of the year, what a lovely sight, and The Streamer paid a visit.

The best night so far this year was 11th, the quantity was down due to cooler temps and lower humidity, but the quality was great.
We had the Lunar Marbled Brown, they are just lovely furry moths.

Lunar Marbled Brown

But best of all a new species for us was the Mullein Moth. I fell instantly in love.


Mullein Head Gear

Hope the weather holds for more great moths 😀

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