Moths of March

It’s great to finally see some nature again, the moths this month have been fantastic.  We run a Actinic 40w on our balcony which over looks filsham valley, and so far seem to get a great amount and variety of moths.

I’m going to try to keep up on some posting, but as we run it every night weather permitting I tend to get a bit behind as the year gets active.  I could really use a moth secretary.. 🙂

So highlights for Moths of March are as follows, things really didn’t pick up until the middle of the month, but in all we had 264 moths on the patio, 22 different species!

My favorite moth the Oak Beauty, is what keeps me going in the winter, and we had several visit  the trap.

Oak Beauty x 3

Once things got going we had a few new species for us including:

Satellite, Powdered Quaker, Pale Pinion, Grey Shoulder-knot and Pine Beauty.

Pine Beauty

Pale Pinion

The other highlight was during a walk around Filsham Reedbeds on the 21st March, we found a newly emerged Water Carpet and a walk around Brede High Woods we saw several Orange Underwings flying from Birch to Birch on the 7th March, which although is outside  the Hastings area is still noteworthy for an amateur Mothiologist like me.

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