Brent Goose Passage

During a wet and misty 90 minute early watch from rock-a-Nore, a total of 314 Brent Geese flew east close inshore, including a flock of 200. This is the first sizeable movement I’ve seen this year , some previous big counts include 1040 on Feb 9th 2008 and 1780 on March 1st 2009. These are genuine migrants, preumably birds leaving  from further west along the south coast,  heading towards the Waddensee [coastal waters of Germany/Denmark/Holland] where they spend the late winter/early spring before leaving for their breeding grounds in the eastern Arctic.

A few other wildfowl passed, notably 4 Eiders , off which 3 were fine males, flew west; and 39 Gannets flew east. I saw no auks or divers, but 14 Great Crested Grebes drifted east.

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