Country Park birds

My usual walk from Fairlight to Hastings  [yesterday, Jan 25] produced a good count of 170 Great Crested Grebes below the cliffs  [150 together off Firehills/Warren Glen]. As viewing opportunities are limited there were no doubt more. 30 Gannets and a  few Red Throated Divers were off Firehills too. It was a very low tide, and amongst the gulls on the beach near Warren Glen was a Lesser Black Back of the race intermedius-as dark as the Great Black Back standing next to it.

In the Barley Lane fields was a large flock of corvids including at least one Rook [uncommon in the Park], 100 Linnets and at least 3 Bramblings with 30 Chaffinches.


One response to “Country Park birds

  1. Alan, We have lived in South Africa past 30 years, shortly to retire to a flat we’ve purchased in Marine Court. Follow your posts & travels everyday, well done.
    As great nature lovers look forward to bumping into you on the sea front some time. Regards.

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