Unusual record for HCPNR

Whilst non-native species are not of great interest on a Nature Reserve, I think Saturday’s snake is worth a mention. I arrived at the Visitor Centre around lunchtime to be told by a fraught volunteer that a member of the public had reported a Boa Constrictor at the bottom of the car park. I said I’d take a look and subsequently found a large obviously non-native snake curled around one of the bollards. We’re lucky to have RSPCA Mallydams on our doorstep, so after a quick visit for their expert advice I was equipped to catch and transport the said snake and I duly delivered it to Mallydams.
It has been tentatively identified as a Royal Python, but if anyone knows better please leave a comment.
Sadly, the snake was very ill and despite the best ministrations of the excellent staff at Mallydams it did not survive.


One response to “Unusual record for HCPNR

  1. It sounds like a dumped ‘pet.’ I wish these imports would be stopped as so many animals are being taken from the tropics to feed this ridiculous trade.

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