Hastings autumn landbird migration survey

The area was partly obscured by mist this morning and this limited migration. Light easterly wind, clearer, warm and sunny in the afternoon

West Hill 6.55 – 8.20   Andrew Grace

Pied wagtail 15 e. Grey wagtail 1 over. Mistle thrush 2 e. Song thrush 10 up and nw 1 e 2 on. Meadow pipit 35 e. Goldfinch 120 e. Chaffinch 22 e. Linnet 23 e. Swallow 10 e.

8 Blue tits. 24 Robins. 4 Dunnocks. 1 Goldcrest. 1 Wheatear.

HCPNR/Barley Lane/Covehurst 0720-0920

Chiffchaff 14, Song Thrush 13 including 7E 1W, Mistle Thrush 3 [2E], Siskin 1E, Goldcrest 4, Pied Wagtail 35 E, Meadow Popit 110 E, Goldfinch 16E, Swallow 8E, Chaffinch 10E, House Martin 1E, Redwing 7E, Starling 15W, Dartford Warbler 1 as before, Stonechat 1, Golden Plover 2E low over Ecclesbourne Meadow

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