Turnstone Census

On Sept 6 I began a project I’ve been meaning to carry out for some time; systematically counting Turnstones [and other waders] on the seafront between Rock-a-Nore and Bexhill. I intend to do this regularly from now on, with the additional objective of recording our small wintering population of Purple Sandpipers.

This first count, which began just after high tide, produced the surprisingly high total of 280 Turnstones, of which just 20 were between the fishing boats and Bulverhythe, 172 between Bulverhythe and Bexhill, and 88 off Bexhill seafront. I had intended to walk as far as the Cooden beach hotel, but found that the Turnstones stopped at the De La Warr pavillion, presumaably reflecting the distribution of low tide feeding areas. Most birds were sitting down on the beach and were well camouflaged, the great majority were adults, as the picture shows- one juvenile left foreground.

There were just 5 Oystercatchers at Glyne Gap, and one Ringed Plover at Bulverhythe.

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