Hastings Autumn Landbird Migration Survey

This survey was started by a small group of birdwatchers last year for the purpose of recording the Autumn Bird Migration movements from the areas in and around Hastings.  This data is then collated at the end of the survey, sometime around mid October.

We would welcome your sightings which can be done from anywhere in the Borough, even just for half an hour each week, or on a daily basis.  All sightings however frequent are invaluable.

If you wish to contribute to the survey with any of your own autumn migration sightings, please email sharon@thefilo.co.uk with the following information:-

  • Your name
  • The area
  • The date and time (from and to)
  • Type of species and number
  • Direction of movement

The details will then be collected together and posted as one entry,  early evening, usually on a daily basis.

Alternatively if you are contributing to the survey with your own posts, please use the heading Hastings Autumn Landbird Migration Survey with the above information.  This will then hopefully make collation easier.  Many thanks.


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