Fairlight to Hastings

Quite a few new moths for the season in our Fairlight garden trap today: Peacock, Copper Underwing, Maidens Blush and Nut Tree Tussock, but no sign of the Volucella inanis hoverfly that dropped in yesterday.  Later I walked along the cliffs to Hastings, inspecting Ragwort at Firehills in particular for insects. Amongst the hordes of migrant hoverflies [see recent post] were a number of small wasps, each clump of Ragwort having one, I don’t know what they are as yet. However the best insect, amongst large numbers of Gatekeepers, was a Purple Hairstreak which was on a bramble bush in the big hedge leading from Barley Lane to Barn Pond. I Haven’t seen one of these locally since the Great Fairlight Hailstorm of 2007, when one was blown into our house.

Birds were similar to yesterday, with a total

of 18 Willow Warblers and a single Wheatear, 2 Ravens were the first Ive seen for some time.

A quick look at some flowering brambles at Torfield produced another V. Inanis

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