Fairlight Cove again

Quite a lot of interesting tideline items this morning. I recently posted a picture of a mass of black egg-like items, which Andy Phillips has identified as Cuttlefish eggs. There were lots of these today, and on examination some proved to be covered in a gauze-like sheath. Also there were rubbery fronds, dont know what they are yet, one with a tiny delicate fan like plant/animal  ? attached. There were also lots of pale brown seawaed like fronds, which I think was Hornwrack, [not Horned Wrack], the remains of a Sea Mat, of which more later if I can get better photos tomorrow. There is an egg mass of Common Whelk in the picture too.

Birdwise, there was a Common Sandpiper on the rocks, a group of Gannets close inshore, lots of Sandwich Terns and a pair of Peregrines .


One response to “Fairlight Cove again

  1. Of course they are in fact cuttlefish eggs. Cuttlefish come inshore during this time to lay their grape like eggs. Sorry about that.

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