Bombus hypnorum Tree Bumblebee

A Bombus hypnorum was photographed by helenofhastings in Ecclesbourne Glen, Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve.

Bee on bramble

This species has recently colonised Britain and is different from other bumblebees in that it nests in holes in trees, giving it’s common name tree bumblebee. One of the first records for the species in Britain was from Hastings, but there have been very few records since. This record is the first for Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve so thanks to helenofhastings.


5 responses to “Bombus hypnorum Tree Bumblebee

  1. As far as I know they are just after holes in trees so the tree species doesn’t matter. They also commonly nest in bird boxes so they are just really after an aerial nesting space, as opposed to most other bumblebees which nest in or near the ground.

    It would be interesting to find out in they do favour particular tree species.

  2. What identifying physical characteristic tells you that this bee is Bombus hypnorum? I’m often in Ecclesbourne Glen so I want to look out for it.

  3. Bombus hypnorum has a ginger thorax, a black abdomen and a white tail. No other british bumblebee has this colour pattern, ginger-black-white (with no yellow stripes).

    The other bumblebees with ginger thorax, such as Bombus pascuorum, have ginger hairs on the abdomen as well and no white hairs at the end of the abdomen. So Bombus hypnorum is easy to pick out and identify.

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