Fairlight and HCPNR

An interesting day today, starting with at least 10 Crossbills by the sound of them, flying east high over Fairlight as I checked our moth trap. This contained a new pyralid for the garden, Eudonia delunella, quite a distinctive small moth but far too lively for the camera. I set off to walk to Hastings, but had hardly left our front garden when an alarm calling Herring Gull made me look up and see it chasing a Honey Buzzard, it flew off to the east and I suspect had come in off the sea at Firehills.

 It was cooler and windier than of late, and insect activity was confined to sheltered areas. In Barley Lane I came across the impressive bumble bee mimic hoverfly Volucella bombylans, the photo shows how similar it is to a bumblebee, but the big fly eyes are obvious. In Fairlight Glen I was surprised to see briefly a White Admiral flying around oaks near the bottom of the glen, a new butterfly for the area for me. [The picture was taken elsewhere] 

A Dartford Warbler singing in cliff top scrub on East Hill was also unexpected at this time of year.

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