Recent Moth Records

We’ve had a nice run of great mothing weather and some nice moths have turned up in moth traps in Hastings. Not many migrants have turned up yet only small numbers of silver y, diamond-back moths, rusty-dot pearls and rush veneers. The exception to this has been two very scarce migrants, olive crescent and scarce black arches, already noted in a previous post.

Cynaeda dentalis

The main interest in the last few days has been scarce wanderers, probably from nearby populations in Rye Bay. The best have been a Cynaeda dentalis which came to my roof terrace moth trap in West Hill Road on the 9th July. This is a nationally rare, RDB3, moth that feeds on viper’s bugloss. This seems to be the first record for Hastings. Also the nationally rare Ethmia bipunctella came to Crystal and Petes garden trap in Sedlescombe Road South.

Ethmia bipunctella

Another nationally scarce micro, Synaphe punctalis, came to my roof terrace trap on the 8th July and the local Chilo phragmitella on the 9th.

Synaphe punctalis


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