Moths out of the Mist

Maple Prominent

It was very misty Wednesday night with heavy condensation so wasn’t expecting many moths at the roof-top moth trap but it turned out to be quite good. The most noticeable feature were hundreds of Marmalade Hover-flies, Episyrphus balteatus that came to the trap early in the evening. The moth highlights were a maple prominent, a scarce species that seems to be increasing in Hastings, a small elephant hawkmoth and two L-album wainscot.

There also seemed to be a sudden increase in riband waves at the trap, and there were also many riband wave scattered throughout Bottle Alley. I’ve never heard of migrant activity with this species but it is possible this sudden increase was due to an influx of the species. Also in Bottle Alley there was a fern but very little else other than the many riband wave.

Riband Wave


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